How does Carzonrent help with corporate car rentals?

Are you still wondering if car rental companies are right for your corporate needs? Being the leading Urban Mobility Solutions provider in India, Carzonrent will help you troubleshoot this dilemma. Corporate car hire services give you a host of advantages and benefits, and that is why you should let your car stay in the garage while you book a cab. Comfort, safety, freedom, unparalleled service, and a wide variety of cars are just some of the perks. Tired of driving around the traffic filled city? Or, is one car not enough for your different needs? Carzonrent’s corporate car rentals have the ultimate solution to all your problems.

A pioneer, Carzonrent is India’s #1 personal ground transportation service provider, offering a complete bouquet of end-to-end long and short term car rental services through its fleet of 6500 cars across the country. Ensuring passenger comfort to the minutest detail the company has focused all efforts towards organizing the largely unorganized executive car hire industry.

Here are a few of the benefits Carzonrent offers with its corporate car rentals
> Highly skilled Chauffeurs for safety and comfort.
> Local, Outstation and Airport Transfers services.
> Pay as per kilometers or choose from our packages, based on your travel needs.
> Safety & Security – SOS button in Carzonrent app, to be used in any distress situation
> Quick Response Team (QRT) to handle all last minute challenges
> From a hatchback to a luxury sedan, our fleet caters to your varied travel needs.

The Benefits of Self-Drive Car Rental

There are many situations in which one may need a car to commute. A lot of people at times need a car for a short period of time. Car rentals come to the rescue for people who are not willing to purchase a car, either because economical condition or varied requirements.

car keys

Car rentals can be of two kinds: Self-Driven and Chauffeur Driven.

Benefits of Self-Driven cars are as follows:-

Since, when a chauffeur is employed there is an extra cost of the service he provides. Hence, Self-Drive car rentals are much more Cost Effective than taxis and cabs. It is also an access to better cars, which the person cannot afford, at low costs.

Being in a rented self-driven car gives the user a sense of privacy. It helps to avoid unwanted conversation with the chauffeur or grab his attention unnecessarily.

When you rent a car for self-drive, the rental company provide you a cleaned up vehicle and its hygiene then depends on your usage. However, a cab is only affiliated to a rental company and its cleanliness depends only on the maintenance of the chauffeur.

You have better knowledge of the location you want to go at, and also know the ideal route to reach there the fastest. Thus, renting self-drive options eliminates the need of explaining the route and location to the driver.

While having rented a car you may have multiple destinations to go in succession. You know where you have parked the car exactly, and you will set off immediately after completing the necessary job at the particular place. However, if the driver parks the car time gets wasted in locating the car and/or the driver.

Cab drivers tend to get involved in exchanges and try to demand extra money for their service. On the other hand, the transaction while hiring a car is absolutely crystal clear.

Having an extra seat while traveling in a group is a boon. Cars rented for self-drive while have one extra seat than in a chauffeur driven car.

For many people, driving itself is a pleasure and they enjoy the occasion where they have to drive.

Thus, Self-Drive car rentals have a clear edge over cabs and taxis, and should be the preference of a person needing a car, if he/she is comfortable in driving. It satisfies the purpose of renting as well as costs much lesser.

How To Avoid Getting Ripped Off When You Rent A Car

Get Rent A Car

Are you planning a trip with the family, or intend to take a long break and indulge in an adventurous road trip? While getting a car rental is an easy and convenient option, there are various companies that can rip you off, burn a hole in the pocket, and make the entire trip a waste in terms of budget and expenses. All is not lost however, and there are a few tips that can help you get the car hire you wish for without weighing heavy on your wallet.

  1. Get the basic package: All you really need is a good, sturdy car that is fuel efficient and provides a smooth sailing ride without any hassle. So what you need to look out for are the additional frills that most car hire companies try selling in order to gain more profit. Before you know it, these add ons only add more to your expenses and less to the overall experience of traveling. Stick to the basics and get value for money while enjoying the benefits of a standard car hire.


  1. Carry Your Own Child Seats: In case you have children on board, then carry your own car seats, since most car rentals charge a significant amount for additional car seats for kids. This is one sneaky way in which a car rental can rip you off, so be aware of this and bring your own just to be on the safe side.


  1. Don’t buy excess insurance: Most car hire companies persuade the customers to buy their big insurance deals while getting a car hire, but even if the car gets a minor scratch, you would end up paying more than necessary, which is why it is best to stick to the nominal insurance amounts which cover the basic damage.


  1. Do a Double Check On Fuel Policy, Mileage and Extras: Before you happily hand over your credit or debit card details to the car hire company, make sure you do a quick check on the company’s fuel policy. If your journey is going to cover a long distance, then does the basic rental put a dent to the mileage in any way or puts a limit on it? If you are below 25 years of age, then is there a surcharge that you may be missing out on? These specifications are important to consider before cracking the final car hire deal.

Your Guide to Getting the Cheapest Car Rentals

Cheapest Car Rentals

Self-drive car rental services have witnessed a recent upsurge in the Indian market. More people choose to get these cars to hire rather than opting for expensive cabs. After all, these cars offer affordability as well as privacy, ease of travel and the comforts that are similar to owning your own car. In this post we bring you up to speed on the various ways through which you can get cheap car hire services.This includes factors like choosing the right company, getting the right car, selecting the right duration and asking for a deal!

Choose the Right Company

Your quest for cheaper car rental begins with finding the right company. But how do you distinguish between a right and wrong company? Well, a right company is the one that’s reputed, has a detailed, easy to use online website and offers a range of car hire services. They have clearly defined rates, as well information about taxes. These are the companies that have their offices, answering service or a center that will call you back if needed. A wrong company may have a website, but they are generally vague on the terms, the system seems unprofessional and the prices are too good to be true. So, avoid such companies.

Choose the Right Car

Those who need cheaper cars should opt for a hatchback rather than a sedan. But if you have too many people, then getting a hatchback might be a less economical option (you may have to hire two cars to fit in everyone). So, choose wisely. An SUV is a better option when you have more people and cars should be selected wisely. If you plan on driving for long, a sedan may be a more comfortable option for you.

Select the Right Duration

One of the best ways to save money and get cheapest car rentals is to choose the right duration for rental. Ideally, an hour rental isn’t cheap. It will cost you more per hour than a daily rental. Plus, if you thought of hiring the car for an hour, but ended up hiring for a few cars you might actually be paying more than what you would have had you chosen daily duration. Similarly, select the duration like a weekend, weekly or monthly duration wisely.

Ask for a Deal

A number of companies will have special discounts and deals or referral discounts. So take advantage of the same for a cheaper rental.

How to Plan Your Perfect Weekend Car Rental Trip?

Finally, it’s that time of the year when you have the weekend for yourself and family, when everything has fallen into place, when you can enjoy a short vacation. But when your vacation is as long as the weekend itself, you need to plan a bit more to ensure that it is memorable and not stressful, especially if you are thinking of a weekend car rental.

Weekend car rental

Now, road trips, with a self-drive car can be quite difficult to organize, since you have to find the right car, follow that budget and find out the places where you will have to stop. But these planning strategies will help you.

Plan the route

So, you already know a weekend destination that’s located close to your home, is quite accessible and can give you and your family an enjoyable experience. But if you don’t plan your route, you are doomed. Deciding on the route is the first step before you hire weekend car rental services. You should check the route, notice the pit-stops and see what all places are going to be a part of your itinerary.

Have a solid budget

Even if you have a little extra cash stashed here is there, it is important that you keep a solid budget. Handling those finances in the right way is quite crucial. It also ensures that you know how much money can be spent on car rental and accommodation. At the same time, look for some ways to save cash. This will help you rent a better car or have a better accommodation.

Choose the right car

Going for a hatchback each time might not be an ideal choice, especially if you don’t want to stuff up your entire family into the car. It is ideal that you choose wisely. For instance, if you are travelling to a hill station, a compact SUV might be an ideal option than a sedan. Plus, both of them would cost similar. Similarly, if you and your partner are going for a trip, a hatchback would be a fine option. But if you choose a sedan for a longer time, you can save more money and even get a discount. So, select wisely and calculate.

Keep the tank full

Some of the best rental companies include fuel charges in their main fees. Choose such a company. Fill up the car and that shall give your weekend a solid start!

Go ahead! Hire weekend car rental services and enjoy a vacation.

The Endless Benefits of Car Sharing

Hire a car and share it with your buddies or family to save money and support the environment. Check out the benefits of sharing a car.

Everyone is looking for affordable transportation these days. But most people have to sacrifice their comforts for affordable commuting every day. Well! You don’t have to! Even if you don’t own your vehicle, you can now hire a car for rent and share it with your friends or family every-day. Since car rental companies now offer their vehicles at more affordable prices, you can enjoy the benefits of affordable transportation and car sharing without sacrificing your comforts.

How does car sharing and hiring help?

benefits of car shaing

You will have a car

Due to rising expenses, a number of people find it difficult to own and maintain a car. But thankfully, you can hire a self-drive car for affordable rates and drive it around. You and your colleagues can pitch in some money together and instead of paying it to a pesky cab driver, they can use this money to drive around in a personal car without hassling about maintenance.

Reduced traffic congestion

Car sharing basically reduces the number of people sitting behind the wheel, which in turn helps in reducing traffic congestion and wear and tear of roads. The money that is used on buying cars or redevelopment of roads can be instead used for developing urban spaces.

car sharing

Better Health

By sharing a rental car, you will reduce pollution, because the car will be used only when necessary. At the same time, car sharing will reduce the number of cars on the road, which will lead to reduction in air and noise pollution. This in turn will guarantee better health for you and your family members, even the next generation. Now, who doesn’t want that!

So, make sure that there are fewer number of people behind the wheel and choose reasonable car sharing.

Discover Many Benefits Of Car Sharing

Car sharing For a long time, people believed that owning a car was an ultimate luxury. But most of the people have now come to a realization. Owning and maintaining a car is tough, what’s even tougher is the fact that cars burn a lot of fuel and consequently a lot of money. That’s a reason why a lot of people have decided to opt for car sharing services. In fact, you don’t even need one to share! Car sharing can help you cut, attached costs, from monthly EMI payments to fuel charges, oil changes and maintenance, parking or even insurance. Sharing cars can reduce the burden one may have to take to buy, drive and maintain a car. And unlike carpooling, which requires personal vehicles, car sharing needs nothing, enabling you to enjoy a stress free life.

Now-a-days, a variety of companies offer these sharing services, enabling you to enjoy a number of car sharing benefits such as,



AffordabilityInstead of burning thousands of dollars on fuel, save some money for better things in life. Choose sharing services for a car that can help you save, as you will never have to worry about ownership costs, like car payments, insurances, repairs, etc. At the same time, they are cost-effective, because even basic prices are divided among a group of people. You are even covered through insurance!


Reduces Carbon Footprint:

Leave this world a better place forReduce Carbon Footprint your kids and the next generations. Select car sharing because it reduces carbon footprint. Researchers suggest that car sharing ensures that people drive fewer miles, which means that they burn less fuel. And that’s not all! You not only reduce pollution, you reduce headaches, oil dependency, make places green and reduce traffic instantly.



Convenient Travelling So, what to drive a hatchback car? Fancy traveling in a luxury vehicle? Need something for that rugged drive around the mountains? Well, such choices might not be a possibility when you have your personal car, but they are possible with car sharing. You can choose between different types and styles of vehicles. At the same time, you can also ensure a variety in the type of style of car you need.

So, go ahead! Choose car sharing services! You wouldn’t regret it.

Safety Tips For Women Traveling Alone

Car rental service in IndiaIt’s a sad reality- the crimes against women have increased dramatically over the past few. In fact, more and more women now feel frightened, intimidated and even horrified at the thought of traveling alone, particularly when they are traveling late at night. But it’s high time that women take charge in their hands, whether they are choosing car rentals or opting for self-drive cars. We need to stop sacrificing our freedom and happiness and follow these safety tips to prevent crimes.

Be Aware

Licensed car rentalsFirst line of defense. It is important that you have knowledge and awareness of the issues plaguing the society. You also need to be aware of public transportation you are opting for. For instance, those planning on choosing metros should know that the last depart approximately at 10:30-11:00 (depending on the station). Those who plan on taking cabs should know the companies that are registered cab companies. Only the ones that are registered will offer licensed car rentals and ensure your safety.

Book your Car Rental Beforehand

GPS and Call support services.

While most companies offer 24×7 services, it is recommended that you book vehicles beforehand. This will ensure that you have an option for changing your rental or knowing more about the company or driver before you go ahead and sit inside a car. Ask the representative to provide you information regarding their services, whether their drivers are fully employed or just registered taxi drivers, if they have GPS and a dedicated call support services.


Pepper SprayPepper Spray

Simple but useful. Even if you book cars wisely, even if you decide to walk alone or even if you are surrounded by crowds, pepper spray can help ensure your safety. It works on almost everyone, is easy to handle and carry and can save you from unsafe situations. Trust yourself and buy a pepper-spray.

Avoid Car Rental Jacking

Car jackingLicensed cab drivers are usually helpful and safe to drive with when you are alone. But sometimes, women may become pry to criminals because of carjacking. This is a situation wherein criminals approach at 45 degree angle (in blind spot) and pull you out of the passenger seat or attack the driver. So, ensure that your car windows are pulled up and you have a phone handy.


SMS Details

Mobile PhoneWhen you are traveling alone, make sure that someone knows. If you have hired a cab, you can text message its details, including car plate number, driver’s name and company’s name. Make sure that you call the individual you are texting to and mention that you are sending the details loudly so that the driver knows you have forwarded the information.


Be Aware! Be Safe!

Measures To Follow When Hiring a Car For a Holiday


Holiday Car Rental Services

Everyone in the family is working- kids are always busy with school and no one has time to gossip and discuss what happened throughout the week. Lifestyle diseases are on the rise, stresses have increased. And that’s why we all need small trips with our family more than before. These short trips can bring us closer, give us the opportunity to get rid of our stresses and ensure that we learn and explore more about our country. And now, you don’t even have to worry about booking flight or train tickets and spending oodles of money on your trip- all you need to do is to simply hire a car from a car rental service. Just try these simple measures to make your holiday car rental more fun, economical, safe and convenient.

First of all, choose the kind of car you will need. For instance, if you are traveling alone, then a car like Tata Nano is perfect (unless you are willing to spend more on luxury vehicles), asedan is great for traveling with a family and an SUV is the perfect choice if you or your family plans to explore rugged terrains. Similarly, luxurious vehicles are great holiday car rental choice for those who want extravagance and comfort during their travel. The next step is to enquire about prices. It is recommended that you choose companies that not just offer lower rates, but have fuel charges included in the overall bill. This will ensure that you don’t have to worry about higher bills when you make the payment.

Always prefer to choose a company that provides its holiday car rental services throughout the country. This guarantees reliability, ensures that the fleet of cars is new and well maintained.

 Car Rental for Holiday

When you select a car, drive it around the area to make yourself comfortable with the vehicle. At the same time, take images of inside and outside the vehicle to ensure that you aren’t levied for the damages that you didn’t cause. If you find something damaged, such as a seat cover ripped or a scratch, inform the representative immediately so that they can note it down and don’t charge you with hefty bills later.

Lastly, always inquire about the company’s policy for security refund. A number of companies end up cutting extra amounts from security, without prior information. So, it is recommended that you inquire about the same and ask the representative about the average duration within which the security amount will be refunded to you.

So, follow these measures while hiring a car for a holiday.

Avoid a Traumatic Situation by Traveling in a Cab

Travelling in a cabThe societal roles for women have changed over the last few years. The woman, who was once forced to sit at home is now a powerful entity. She manages to strike a good balance between her personal and professional life. But there are several situations in which a woman may have to travel, attend galas or corporate meetings, visit her kids at school, travel back home, work late night shifts in the office or enjoy a gala time with her friends. While these situations allow a woman to live her life to the fullest, they also pose a threat to her safety. In fact, a number of violence, harassment, loot and arson cases point out how women are still unsafe in the major metropolitan cities of India. But now, every woman has an answer, a tool that can keep her safe- booking a cab is now an ideal solution when it comes to safer traveling 24×7.

To avoid a traumatic situation, women must keep their safety paramount and opt for professional book a cab service to ensure that they are safe and protected. Usually, a trustable cab company will not just offer her with swift services at the oddest hours, but assures that the driver is knowledgeable and friendly. This will help her travel without a fuss. Any reliable cab company will have a fleet of cars with GPS systems. Therefore, they wouldn’t have to worry about losing their direction. At the same time, it would minimize the risk of thefts or harassment since a good company will keep a track of the car.

It is recommended that if you travel quite often, then you must install a cab booking application or bookmark a book a cab website on your phone. This will help you avoid any last minute rush and ensures that you can ask for a cab anytime, anywhere. Consequently, you won’t have to opt for unprofessional or unsafe travel option.

When it comes to choosing a cab company for your travel needs, always focus on someone that’s reliable and professional. Do a research on the internet to know which companies offer their services in major cities. Read about their fleet of cars, customers handled every day or year to ascertain whether their services are reliable or not. Once you are satisfied, keep the company’s number handy or have it bookmarked on your phone so that you can call them whenever the need.

Lastly, check the prices on the company’s website beforehand so that the driver doesn’t’ charge you exorbitant amounts. At the same time, avoid being friendly with the driver, even if he seems chatty. Even though it is true that most of the book a cab companies’ hire a driver after a thorough background check, it is still recommended that you keep the conversation to a minimum to keep your self safe.

So, the next time you have to travel alone, minimize the chances of a trauma by choosing a safe cab company.