Your Guide to Getting the Cheapest Car Rentals

Cheapest Car Rentals

Self-drive car rental services have witnessed a recent upsurge in the Indian market. More people choose to get these cars to hire rather than opting for expensive cabs. After all, these cars offer affordability as well as privacy, ease of travel and the comforts that are similar to owning your own car. In this post we bring you up to speed on the various ways through which you can get cheap car hire services.This includes factors like choosing the right company, getting the right car, selecting the right duration and asking for a deal!

Choose the Right Company

Your quest for cheaper car rental begins with finding the right company. But how do you distinguish between a right and wrong company? Well, a right company is the one that’s reputed, has a detailed, easy to use online website and offers a range of car hire services. They have clearly defined rates, as well information about taxes. These are the companies that have their offices, answering service or a center that will call you back if needed. A wrong company may have a website, but they are generally vague on the terms, the system seems unprofessional and the prices are too good to be true. So, avoid such companies.

Choose the Right Car

Those who need cheaper cars should opt for a hatchback rather than a sedan. But if you have too many people, then getting a hatchback might be a less economical option (you may have to hire two cars to fit in everyone). So, choose wisely. An SUV is a better option when you have more people and cars should be selected wisely. If you plan on driving for long, a sedan may be a more comfortable option for you.

Select the Right Duration

One of the best ways to save money and get cheapest car rentals is to choose the right duration for rental. Ideally, an hour rental isn’t cheap. It will cost you more per hour than a daily rental. Plus, if you thought of hiring the car for an hour, but ended up hiring for a few cars you might actually be paying more than what you would have had you chosen daily duration. Similarly, select the duration like a weekend, weekly or monthly duration wisely.

Ask for a Deal

A number of companies will have special discounts and deals or referral discounts. So take advantage of the same for a cheaper rental.

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