Safety Tips For Women Traveling Alone

Car rental service in IndiaIt’s a sad reality- the crimes against women have increased dramatically over the past few. In fact, more and more women now feel frightened, intimidated and even horrified at the thought of traveling alone, particularly when they are traveling late at night. But it’s high time that women take charge in their hands, whether they are choosing car rentals or opting for self-drive cars. We need to stop sacrificing our freedom and happiness and follow these safety tips to prevent crimes.

Be Aware

Licensed car rentalsFirst line of defense. It is important that you have knowledge and awareness of the issues plaguing the society. You also need to be aware of public transportation you are opting for. For instance, those planning on choosing metros should know that the last depart approximately at 10:30-11:00 (depending on the station). Those who plan on taking cabs should know the companies that are registered cab companies. Only the ones that are registered will offer licensed car rentals and ensure your safety.

Book your Car Rental Beforehand

GPS and Call support services.

While most companies offer 24×7 services, it is recommended that you book vehicles beforehand. This will ensure that you have an option for changing your rental or knowing more about the company or driver before you go ahead and sit inside a car. Ask the representative to provide you information regarding their services, whether their drivers are fully employed or just registered taxi drivers, if they have GPS and a dedicated call support services.


Pepper SprayPepper Spray

Simple but useful. Even if you book cars wisely, even if you decide to walk alone or even if you are surrounded by crowds, pepper spray can help ensure your safety. It works on almost everyone, is easy to handle and carry and can save you from unsafe situations. Trust yourself and buy a pepper-spray.

Avoid Car Rental Jacking

Car jackingLicensed cab drivers are usually helpful and safe to drive with when you are alone. But sometimes, women may become pry to criminals because of carjacking. This is a situation wherein criminals approach at 45 degree angle (in blind spot) and pull you out of the passenger seat or attack the driver. So, ensure that your car windows are pulled up and you have a phone handy.


SMS Details

Mobile PhoneWhen you are traveling alone, make sure that someone knows. If you have hired a cab, you can text message its details, including car plate number, driver’s name and company’s name. Make sure that you call the individual you are texting to and mention that you are sending the details loudly so that the driver knows you have forwarded the information.


Be Aware! Be Safe!

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